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The Benefits Of Magnetic Track Light

Safety Voltage

The track system is powered by DC48V voltage, according to the latest standard IEC60598 ultra-low safety voltage is 60V or less, will not cause harm to the human body

Diverse installation options

3 types installation of track rail is for your selection: surface mount, pendant, Trim or Trimless installation

Tool-free Positioning

Light fixture can be toolfree positioned and repositioned into these profiles, thanks to the magnetic fixation

Security Lock Switch

the fixture can be safely released and adjusted and then securely clicked back into place by the Secure lock switch

Smart Control System

It can be workable with GIRA, Simens, etc brands’ KNX DALI Gateway, but also compatible with Philips Hue bridge

Free Cost Maintenance

No need to hire an electrician to repaire the defective light, which is the simple installation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:The power supply can be remote for the magnetic track system?

There are two solutions of the power supply for our track system. one is with the remote driver, another is the internal driver. pls download the document. From after-sales maintenance, the internal driver will be the good choice for your project.


Q: Is there the voltage-drop during the track?

No, it won’t happen for our track light. all the luminaires are designed with an constant current driver to ensure no voltage drop durig the track.

Q:The magnetic track light can be DC24V?

24V DC is also available for us. but the wattage of the lamp will be lower than DC48V Version. 

Q: Do i need to distinguish the 48+,48- during installation

No, each luminaire is with a internal driver in the adapter. no need to distinguish it any more.

Q:Does magnetic track light work with KNX system?

the DALI magnetic track light can work with the different brand KNX control system in the market. like JUNG

Q: What kinds of wireless dimmable version for the magnetic track light?

The first choice for the wireless dimmable version is Zigbee. it is supported to the different platform, like Philips Hue, Tuya etc brand. 

Q:How many lamps can be controlled by the Zigbee gateway?

there are two versions of the gateway , wired gateway & wireless.

the wired gateway can control 127pcs lamps, and the wireless is 48pcs. and the gateway is Tuya brand.

Q: The magnetic track and light can be white color?

Yes, white & black color is available. normally the black color is in stock.

Q:The track can be curved?

Yes, if you need the curved track, round track or other shapes, it can be customized with your needs. Just send the CAD file to us.

Q: What is the price of the magnetic track light?

The price range for our magnetic track is about 10dollar to 18dollar. the exact cost will be up to your order quantity & the track version.

Q:What is the warranty of the magnetic track light?

The warranty for magnetic track light is 3years. in case the product is damaged during the shippment or defective during the warranty period, we will send you the new replacement and responsible for the shipping cost.

Q: Can you make the design for the house?

Yes, We could make the design for your house. just send us the house size, and we will make the budget for your lighting. and it is the free service.

Q:Our ceiling have aluminium channels that the gypsum is screwed into, Can install your track?

Yes, these projects already finished in the European market, pls check this image

but have to cover the track by the plasterboard.

Q: Does your magnetic light work with the track from other factory?

Not recommended. There is no uniformity in the rails and even if there are some of similar size, the adapters for the lights do not work. As a result, the lamps will not light up

Q:How to install the magnetic track light?

the installation of the magnetic track light is very easy. but before wiring the mains supply, it is better to test the track line to see if it is connected. especially for the recessed installation. then put the magnetic light into the rail where you need. and adjust the beam angle toward the objects. the installation is no needed with the tools.

Q: How to buy the magnetic track for the house?

before purchsing the magnetic track, you have to consider what kinds of installation for your ceiling. 

  1. The Concrete ceilings and the height is about 3-4m, the surface mount will be a good option.
  2. The aluminium channels ceiling or new house, the recessed track M20C is better for you. 

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