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Architectural recessed lighting

Invisible lines of light in architecture and office

Polar opposite to the flexible nature of suspended or surface mounted lighting, architectural recessed lighting is a solution that requires thought. The precise position and layout of recessed lighting schemes is a result of careful planning and a thorough design process, therefore it is most suitable for a new build, fit out, or a complete refurbishment project.

Architectural Linear Surface Light

Architectural LED Linear Surface Direct Light Fixture delivers continuous clean lines and clear light to commercial, hospitality and residential interior lighting applications. Our modern, slim profiles and stylish linear designs offer excellent direct down lighting, exceptional performance and versatility in offices, classrooms, conference rooms, museums, retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, and more. 

Architectural suspended linear light

Floating in the space, suspended lighting presents a more creative and flexible approach to lighting in modern offices and architecture. Offering a welcome change from the dull and dreary recessed flat panels, suspended lighting can dramatically change the look of a workspace.

Using suspended direct/indirect luminaires creates comfortable working conditions as it is much more visually attractive. Being able to dim the office lights or even control the amount of upward and downward light separately is a useful feature which also contributes to the general well-being of the workforce.

Round tube linear fixture

The new updated version of Round Tube Linear Luminaire features a clean cut tubular luminaire that can add a personality to any commercial interior. Its tubular shape can enhance the raw industrial style interiors. 

Suspended horizontally or vertically creating parallel lines, or installed at an obscure angle, It brings an extra layer of light and playfulness to your design scheme.


Most frequent questions and answers

Unlimited, each lamp will be designed with a driver inside,and connected with each other by the quick-connectors. so only one feed-in power cable in a line.

Yes, the figure can be customized according to your design. we will provide the solution for you.

No MOQ, 1pc is also available for us

so far, the dimming version is 0-10V,DALI

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