LED Aluminum Profiles

To increase design flexibility for lighting projects, Topsund offers a wide range of lighting options, from low-cost, high-performance LED lighting solutions. This gives architects and designers the opportunity to realize their vision more cost-effectively and efficiently than traditional lighting systems.

LED profiles take lighting design to the next level, with options that allow luminaires to be integrated into walls, ceilings and even floors. Profiles are available in mounting, suspension and surface brackets to meet virtually any lighting application.

Topsund offers a range of aluminium profiles, consisting of suspended light profiles, suspended tube profiles, recessed flange profiles and applied angle profiles, as well as many other easy-to-install profiles that can be supplied to any length. Pendant luminaires can also be adjusted in different lengths to create a variety of lighting options for different lighting applications such as wall, ceiling, floor, wall-to-ceiling and ceiling.

Plaster-in LED Aluminum Profiles

Looking for a perfectly smooth, flush surface finish? Then this recessed plaster-in aluminium LED profile for LED strip is designed to do just that. Simply screw the profile into place in your plasterboard and plaster over the specially designed perforated outer.

Coving – seamlessly light any room with the downlit ambient glow of one of our profiles. With no visible trims, wiring or behind-the-scenes equipment, you can keep everything hidden.

Skirting Boards – line the kickboards of your home or office space with plaster in LEDs for truly impressive effects. The lights will look purpose built and made to light the space they occupy.

Ceiling Lighting – create a striking ambience in any room with some plastered-in LED ceiling lights. Having built-in LEDs in the ceiling of your boardroom or foyer is sure to impress. 

New Plaster LED Profiles


This plaster-in coving profile is best used for ceiling up lighting and is commonly installed onto drywall using mounting screws.


Our new plaster in LED Aluminum profile for recessing into plastered walls And ceilings for an incredible seamless diffused light output.


Wide Recessed Plaster LED Profiles


Wish To Get More Profiles?

Dozens of LED Aluminum Profiles are collected in our catalog. You will select the right one for your projects. 

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