flexible led strip lights

Flexible LED Strip Lights

For non-traditional spaces there is no better solution than LED strip lighting as these lights are very flexible and manoeuvrable and therefore practical for as many applications as you can dream up.

LED strip lights are commonly used for under bench lighting, display cases, shelves and many other locations where feature lighting is desired. They are so effective due to their small size, high output, flexibility and self-adhesive back that allow them to be situated in desirable locations where traditional lighting fixtures are not able to fit. Enjoy our dimmable cool and warm white coloured strip lights or have fun with RGB strips where you can change and control the colour output. As they utilise LED technology, you are ensured a bright light for years to come.

LED light strips are so versatile that they can be used both indoors and outdoors, giving you the ability to create a magical ambience in any space. With ratings as high as IP68 they are water resistant enough to be situated anywhere from the kitchen to your garden pond, so that you enhance your favourite architectural features around your home.

Topsund produces a variety of the best LED strip lighting, with options in varying sizes, strengths, colours and ratings are available at affordable prices, so you’ll find something to suit your needs whether you’re after home lighting or garden lights.

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2835 led light strip
DC24V SMD2835 LED Strip
5050 RGB LED Strip
DC24V 5050 RGB LED Strip

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