The Ultimate solution of Exhibition Lighting

Micro magnetic track system

designed with the reduced dimensions, the complete and professional system provides a balanced and attractive light to highlight each object in the best way and in 360º

Micro Track

The incredibly small profile size enhances the light’s flexibility and its relationship with the architecture. The profile is extruded aluminum, painted black, housing a graphite electric track fed at 24V, on which all magnetic luminaires are installed.

Two installation way is available: Surface mount and Recessed.

micro magnetic track system

Light Elements

The light elements are installed by means of magnetic support inside the profile, providing unparalleled ease of use. They can be move even while energized achieving enormous flexibility and adaptability in the configuration at any time.


Q: Is workable with Zigbee, Casambi or DALI?

A: Yes, it can be connected with the 24V Remote Zigbee or Casambi, DALI driver.

Q: Can i individually control each light element in the track?

A: No, only control the same circuit, the size of this light is too small to insert the internal control module.if you need to individually control it, pls view our magnetic track light system.

Q: Does the Philips hue control it?

A: Yes, just power it by our zigbee remote driver, then connect it with the Philips hue.

Q: Is color tunable for the light?

A: Not yet, now it is only dimming brightness.

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