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What it is

LED Linear Trunking System is an adaptable and continuous LED trunking system that delivers excellent quality of light while more than halving energy costs compared to fluorescent lamps.As well as being an energy efficiency champion, it also helps reduce installation and maintenance costs and on top of that, you will also enjoy full freedom to position the fixtures according to your objectives or layout.


  • up to 160lm/w
  • plug-in design installation
  • Separate power supplies,dimming or emergency supply can be integrated
  • Terminal feed-in connector for easily connecting with electricity


  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Supermarket

Trunking rail

The flexible trunking system for challenging lighting demands in all application.With the fully compatible modular kit,

it adapts individually to complex lighting tasks.It has a 5 or 7 / 8-pole current conducting section built into its trunking.

This means that the system comes ready equipped to meet tomorrow’s needs. All functions such as power supply,lighting control are seamlessly integrated into this multifunctional trunking.Luminaires can be positioned flexibly and the system can be adapted to suit structural alterations at any time. The trunking rail is simply a matter of replacing or adding lighting modules, light sources or optics as required.


With six optical lens, LED realized all the necessary features to handle various tasks in industrial and commercial sector. It helps people work precisely to increase operation efficiency and triple saves energy in engineering applications. It also benefits commercial area for presentation and retailing without extra reflector

Node connectors

All system components can be combined without tools. X, T and L connectors expand the system’s application range.

In the actual installation progress, L, T, X connectors are three kinds of installation methods. With those node connectors, all individual lamps of Linear lighting solution connected together and have the function of lighting. Compared with other traditional LED lights, this advantage will solve the problem of install in any application.

The Optional Parts

Microwave sensor Module

Feed-in Connector

Feed-In Box

Blank Cover

Spotlight Track Module

End Cap


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, Individual version is also available.

Yes, there is L1,L2,L3,N,GND in the trunk rail,and you could set it by the switch as you wish.

The rail is designed with 2.5mm2 cable cross-sectioin. allowing 150pcs lamps of 5ft 60w in one serial.

The normal configuration is China Brand, Philips,Osram and Tridonic is available as well.

so far, the dimming version is 0-10V,DALI, Zigbee.

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