Illuminate Your Vision with LumiWeave

Are you ready to take your lighting designs to the next level? Discover the limitless possibilities of LumiWeave and experience a new era of creativity in interior lighting

Versatile Lighting Solution


LumiWeave represents a versatile lighting solution that reimagines the traditional light rail concept. Its innovative core feature, a conductive textile ribbon, enables the effortless positioning of luminaires and the immediate creation of bespoke lighting solutions right where they are needed.

Easy connection Fix / Click / Connect

Every belt is customizable in terms of length, allowing for the accommodation of multiple luminaires. It utilizes straightforward plug-and-play technology, making installation and connection exceptionally easy. Moreover, the belt provides flexibility in adjusting tension, ranging from taut to relaxed, and features a user-friendly click-and-connect system that seamlessly fastens to a buckle on each luminaire

Powerful Toolkit

LumiWeave seamlessly combines simplicity and innovation, presenting a revolutionary lighting concept that melds the tangible with the ethereal. It utilizes a tactile fabric belt, embedded with conductive properties, to facilitate the graceful movement of light throughout a space. LumiWeave empowers professionals with a robust set of tools to craft personalized lighting effects and distinctive atmospheres, all made possible through a variety of luminaires and a convenient click-and-connect feature.

Shaping Atmospheres

LumiWeave’s versatility knows no bounds, granting you the liberty to blend varying degrees of soft, ambient lighting with precise, focused illumination like never before. This unprecedented flexibility allows for the creation of a one-of-a-kind ambiance within any interior space

Craft a spatial masterpiece by using the belt as your artistic medium, guiding light to precisely where it’s needed while eliciting emotional resonance and enhancing the overall sense of well-being

Our Happy Clients!

"LumiWeave has truly revolutionized my approach to interior lighting. Its flexibility and ease of installation have given me the freedom to create lighting designs that were once only dreams. It's a game-changer for the industry."
Samantha Hayes
"As a lighting designer, I demand innovation and versatility in my projects. LumiWeave has become an essential tool in my toolkit. Its click-and-connect functionality and ability to create unique lighting effects have elevated my designs to new heights."
Barbara Smith
Renowned Lighting Designer
"In commercial spaces, lighting plays a crucial role in defining the ambiance and functionality. LumiWeave's ability to frame spaces and create visual hierarchies has given me the power to transform ordinary offices into dynamic, inspiring environments."
Daniel Rodriguez
Commercial Space Specialist

Illuminate Your Vision with LumiWeave

Ready to bring your design visions to life? LumiWeave empowers you to illuminate your creativity and design spaces that inspire awe. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or outdoor projects, LumiWeave is the tool you need. Request a consultation today to see how LumiWeave can elevate your interior design projects.

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