Looking for parking lot lighting solution?

Motion IP65 LED Batten

Why you need it?

Lighting in parking lots can be expensive cost, especially when used 24/7. Motion IP65 LED Batten can detects people and car presence to provide lighting as needed, saving energy and reducing cost by up to 80%.

Benefits at a glance

  • Save up to 80% on running cost— Energy-efficient LEDs and microwave sensor device reduce energy usage.
  • Reduce unnecessary lighting  — With presence detection and dimming function, car park lighting activates when needed.
  • Reduce maintenance costs  — LED luminaires last longer and need changing less frequently.

How it works

The luminaires will be full brightness automatically when pedestrians or vehicles are detected and dim when no motion is detected. 

When pedestrians are detected, the path ahead lights up to 100% brighness so they feel safe and comfortable. 

As they move out of a lighting zone,and the duration and hold time is 35s,As no movement is detected, lighting dims to 30% brighness to save energy


Most frequent questions and answers

No, this device should be setted at the factory.

Yes, the hold time can be 60s, but not advice to more 2mins.

Yes, but the minimum distance between two luminaires should be at least 1meter, or they may be Interference

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