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How many lights can you put on the magnetic track rail?

the max current of the circuit in the magnetic track rail is 15Amp, so how many light can i put in the track rail?

1. Ensure the safe capacity of the lighting circuit

Magnetic track rail is different from the traditional AC230V/AC110V track rail, which is powered by DC48V or DC24V, but 98% magnetic track system is DC48V in the market.( i will write an article why not DC24V). so a 16amp, 48-volt lighting circuit can support a total of 768watts, but you have to keep 20% from the total wattage to avoid overloading the circuit, so the safe capacity of the lighting circuit is 614watts.

2. Make sure the wattage of the transformer

An additional transformer is necessary to the magnetic track system. the output voltage must be DC48V,or the lights will be unworkable. the transform should be constant voltage,such as the following 150w meanwell driver. 

3. Ensure the true wattage of every light you use

Regarding light fixture, it is different wattages for each series in the magnetic track system, the range is 5w ~25w, even 30w. so the total wattage of the lights must not be exceed to the transform you select. for example, if you use 150w meanwell 48V DC power supply to run the track, and the wattage light is 10w, so the safe capacity of the lighting circuit is 150*0.8/10=12pcs
magnetic wallwasher light

If you are the first time to know the magnetic track light system, please see this article what is magnetic track light system. Hope the article is helpfule to you. any questions please contact us.

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