How to make your ideas into a product?

Whether it is a small company or a group company, product development is very important to meet market demand. But if it is just a start-up company with a limited budget, no professional designers, and only one idea, what should I do?

Here the story is about the process of designing a new product for one of our client ( AJ) in Europe. Now it is six-years of cooperation since 2015.

In the beginning, he just purchased AC/DC12V T8 LED Tube for some special applications, like the fireboat, facility,etc. In 2016, he expects to expand the product with AC/DC24-50V to meet with the market’s request. but unfortunately, there is no wide voltage range in the market. so we advise him to design it by ourself according to his need.

hi jacky, I need the driver with AC/DC24-50V,10w~24w, no EMC.

so our team designs this driver and provides the sample to him for testing in 15days. after testing, he informed us the result is very good. Actually, there is zero defective rates in the goods since 2016. and help him to win the projects. he likes this driver very much.

24-50v driver

In 2020, Aj emails me that he expects to desgin a new driver AC/DC12-50V, so he doesn’t need to purchase two types of lamp AC/DC12V and AC/DC24-50V to reduce the stocks.

hi jacky, i need the driver with AC/DC12-50V,10W-30W, EMC-EN55015,EN61547 and solid capacitor

Step 1: after getting the details, our engineer will analysis it and do the first engineering prototype to debug EMC.

Step 2: only all the data is complete well, we will design the PCB board and assemble the driver to make the test again.

Step 3: then we will provide the driver sample to Aj for testing.

Actually,the development cost of this driver is only 500dollar, is very simple to achieve your ideas into the products. If you have the ideas, just contact us 

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