Why is 48v for the low voltage track?

Low voltage track power using 48V is to follow the market application trend, according to the latest standard IEC60598 ultra-low safety voltage is 60V or less, will not cause harm to the human body, such as clean energy, building electrical, etc.

that is also popular for using 48V, and low voltage track using 48V can drive longer track, in the track can be installed more lamps, from a point, line, surface, ball All cover all types of lamps to meet the needs of different customers for lighting.

The benefits of the 48V

  • Aesthetics: very small dimensions for low voltage products with an iconic look
  • Functionality: low voltage luminaires can be plugged in and out and moved quickly and easily
  • Safety: low voltage rails can be installed in windows or on walls, so there is no risk of electric shock even if the rails are touched by hand

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