what is cob led strip?

In recent years, more and more designers are using ‘COB-led strips’ in interior design to create a sense of ambience in the interior environment, increasing the layering of the interior environment with the help of strips, enriching the light environment, and creating a sense of space with contrasting light and dark levels, reality and illusion. The hidden ribbon design is the first to create a soft, warm, and romantic atmosphere. Proper hidden strip design can be combined with other light sources to create a layered sense of light in the space, enhancing the overall home ambience and making the home more premium.

cob led strip

COB is an abbreviation for Chips On Board, meaning chip on board packaging technology, which can be simply understood as: multiple LED chips are integrated and packaged on the same substrate as the light emitting body. As LEDs are diode devices, they are afraid of heat, so COB strips not only dissipate heat quickly, but also save space for product assembly. the voltage can be 12v/24v dc as same as the SMD led strip.

cob led strip benefits:

  • Linear light, uniform and continuous, no light spot visible; a wider range of applications, more adaptable and more effective.
  • the length can be cuttable.
  • Linear light source with a large light angle of up to 140° and a luminous surface angle of up to 180°
  • COB flip-flop technology, anti-vulcanisation and anti-oxidation.
  • High CRI>90, high colour consistency and soft luminous surface.
  • Direct heat dissipation from the substrate, low thermal resistance, better heat dissipation efficiency, less light decay and longer life.
  • The product line is rich, including single-colour, two-colour and RGB series, which can be matched with various thicknesses of profiles and applied to various scenes; with various controllers to achieve various intelligent effects.

cob led strip is dots-free without visible light points
cob led strip light is better bending performance with flip chips

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