Dimming Types of Magnetic track lighting

Recently I have received a lot of inquiries from customers about magnetic track lights, the most frequently consulted by customers is the dimming method and wiring problems, now I will share with you the dimming method of magnetic track.

Currently on the market for the magnetic track light dimming, roughly divided into, 0-10V dimming, DALI dimming, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and WIFI dimming.

1. 0-10V dimming

In fact, for the 0-10V dimming, most of the wiring scheme on the market is the following diagram, each lamp must be equipped with a dimming power supply, external drive power is not dimming, this wiring must have two signal lines to the track, the installation should pay attention to the positive and negative signal line distinction

0-10v magnetic track light

the pros for the 0-10V dimming is that you need to wire two additional cables in the track. if the wall is only two L, N cables, you have to consider adding two more wires, which may bring the troubles for you.

2. TRIAC Dimming

If you want to upgrade the lighting in your house, but only two cables in your wall, TRIAC will be your choice,which no need the additional two signal cables like 0-10v or DALI, and directly work with your dimmer,the wiring is as below:

TRIAC Magnetic track system

3. DALI dimming

DALI dimming can work with KNX control system, which is used in most project installations and allows for the coding of luminaires on the track. Setting, grouping, etc., so that if a light fixture fails, you can easily find out which one it is.

DALI Magnetic track system


if you need the magnetic track light to be controlled by the KNX, DALI will be your first choice.

4. Bluetooth dimming

With the development of smart lighting, Bluetooth dimming is also applied more, and the solution is becoming more mature. Not only through the app on the phone, but also through the switch panel, infrared remote control for lighting grouping, scene mode setting . Each luminaire must have a Bluetooth module power supply inside.

Besides, Casambi magentic track system is also available for us.

5. 2.4G dimming

Smart lighting can be controlled not only through a mobile app, but also through voice control. Our 2.4G dimming can be used to control the fixtures via the Graffiti app, or combined with Amazon’s Alexa Use. all the system is based on the Tuya smart life, and you also need a gateway that support tuya to control it.

6. Zigbee

Zigbee will be the important part for the smart lighting system, is based on Tuya or Philips Hue. you can control the lights and applicace with the app, or voice. and no need to add two more cables as the signal, is the wirelss dimming method.

For the above dimming methods, the most popular choices for customers are 0-10v,DALI,  zigbee or 2.4G. But I believe that with the development of smart lighting systems, the public still prefers Zigbee dimming. Your choice? Feel free to discuss with us.

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