How to design with LED linear light?

With the continuous improvement of LED technology, the appearance and performance of LED linear lights are improving, and the applicable scenes are more extensive, more and more lighting scenes inside the application of linear elements, compact and efficient lighting methods, increasing the sensory experience and the visual art of the space.architectural linear lighting

Today, we’ll have a good explanation of its application around LED linear lighting. The main solution to the following problems.

  1. The specific application of linear lighting
  2. What is the effect of linear lighting in different scenes?
  3. Linear light details show and specific installation process


01. Specific applications of LED linear lighting

Nowadays more and more lighting scenes apply linear elements, from the variety of styles and installation methods: linear lights are flexible products, not standard products, it’s hard to define its function alone, both the function of lighting and visual art, the size, light color, installation methods, control methods are changing according to each individual space.

recessed led linear light

According to the specific application range, the length can be freely customized according to the actual installation requirements, optional splicing. The built-in light source can also change the power and color temperature according to the usage scene. In addition, with the popularity of intelligent control systems, in order to increase the sensory experience, more and more users prefer to add intelligent control effects to improve the visual art effects of space.

1、Linear lighting application scenario

Now, linear lighting is not only used in the office field, designers apply it to high-end commercial space, home space, industrial lighting and other environments, constructing different light and shadow effects.

It is suitable for bars, kitchens, clothing stores, liquor cabinets, stairs, stores, forecourts, walls, bookcases, bathrooms, bedrooms, dance studios, display cases, aisles, suspended ceilings and other places.

2、Linear lighting features

  • Easy to install: pre-embedded installation with no complications.
  • Soft light: true color reproduction, lustrous and full color.
  • Customizable lengths: can be cut to size to meet lighting requirements.
  • Bezel-less: no bezel after installation, more overall more fashionable and avant-garde.

A variety of connection methods, a variety of color temperature options, a variety of materials, a variety of lengths and even a variety of power to meet different spaces, scenes, lighting needs.

3, Color temperature effect show


Linear lights allow you to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light according to the scene and design needs to better illuminate and render ambience in the space.

02.Linear lighting effect show in different scenes


1、Linear lighting installation art effect

The use of linear lighting as art installations and lamps is also highly aesthetic, with detailed and uniform light freely changing and combining in space, bringing basic lighting effect, but also revealing great artistic influence, showing its unique charm and spatial feeling.


2、Office space – linear lighting applications

Through the changes in linear lighting, it gives the space flexibility, but also gives a simple, clear and comfortable feeling. As a functional, customizable product, linear lighting will become the first choice of designers in office space design.

3、Commercial space – linear lighting applications

Linear lights are also widely used in commercial spaces, giving people a bright, rhythmic sense of rhythm, through the light can easily create the overall atmosphere, in the design of space, light is an essential decorative elements.

4. Aisle space scene application

Through the clever changes of light and shadow, the contrast between light and dark, the whole building is full of interest and vitality, bringing excellent visual effects.

The use of lighting design to construct a free, dynamic, imaginative quality of space, and can be hidden through the form of weakening its own presence, along the corresponding space gradually arranged along the contours, and the wall together with a unique geometric or curved concave shape.

5、Home lighting linear lighting applications

With its beautiful appearance, abundant specifications, strong customization, flexible installation, energy saving and environmental protection, LED strip light has become an important means to achieve the “see light without light”. With light as the pen, outline the intensity of the texture of the space.

6、Scene application in stairwell

Light up the space with linear lighting, enriching the spatial context while creating a visual sense of light and shade, and contrast between reality and illusion.

7, skirting line application effect and installation

Linear luminaires have evolved in technology and form, and have been perfected and enriched to light up LED strips that diffuse light through the floor, making it possible to combine functionality and illumination.

8, Cabinet linear light applications

Bookcases, wardrobes, wine cabinets and other locations to meet the lighting function, while igniting the atmosphere of the entire space, seize people’s visual focus, to create a light, dynamic and exquisite style of spatial context.

LED light strips are installed inside the cabinet to increase the light source, and the clever combination of shelves can weaken the closed space of the sense of enclosure, fully rendering the interior atmosphere of sophisticated fashion.

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