what is LED Skirting board Lighting?

Skirting Board Lights or Effect Lights have become more and more popular in recent years due to their low costs and easy operation. Effect lighting can be used in different places and at different heights to achieve the desired effect. It is usually used to give your home an elegant and dramatic look, but it can also be used to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for family, friends and guests. Pedestal lighting is often used for creating light and faint effects and is used as a decorative element in many home decoration projects.

led aluminum skirting profile

It is often used in kitchens, bathrooms, table football and as a base lamp. Here are some of the places where platforms and lamps have been used to create different effects.

In pubs, clubs and dance floors, podium lamps are often used on the dance floor, where bands perform on stage to create sophisticated effects in the club and make it more attractive to the audience. The low light effect draws attention to them by the movement of the feet and dancing people.

In homes, hotels and spas, baseboards can transform the bathroom from banal to elegant. Homeowners often use base lamps to add warmth to their kitchen and highlight the beautiful wooden tile floors. This type of lighting can make the kitchen appear brighter and hotter, which is what many homeowners want.

New Skirting LED Aluminum Profile

LC8016 and LC9618 is a new skirting board in aluminum with indirect LED light.‎ The particular section allows you to create an original play of light along the entire wall, giving added value to the entire surface.‎

Large-size slabs give the possibility to create new architectural solutions and to revolutionize the concept of space, but what enhances the design, the light and the beauty is the detail.‎ XL Design is a line of profiles dedicated to large-size slabs, designed to enhance their dimensions and create original effects of light and shade.‎


skirting aluminum led profile
led skirting profile extrusion

If you are looking for the skirting board lights or the plaster-in aluminum profiles, please download the catalog of our LED Aluminum Profiles,which includes dozens of Aluminum profile. and you also can email us via info@topsund-led.com for any questions.

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